Reblogged: Google Drive for Teaching and Learning

#23Research – Thing 10: Content Curation

Why did I find this post interesting?  I find it beneficial to see how others use or experience technology that I also use. The differences are the learning moments for me. I haven’t quite got to the point of using it within a library classroom … yet 🙂


For the past five years I have been using Google Docs and Google Drive for teaching and this year for storing and organising my research data also.

I first began using it because it allowed students to share their reflection blogs with me and for me to converse with them using the comments function.  I was experimenting with the effect of reflective processes on learning and in the process learned a few important things.

The first thing has led to my doing a doctorate.  I discovered that the reflective and commenting process was not only good for the students’ learning, and also for building healthy learning relationships between teacher and individual students, but I suspected also increased their ultimate achievement levels.  Hence the research.

However, the second thing I learned was not so positive.  My students accessed their Google Docs on their school Google accounts and they “owned” what they…

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