#23research – Thing 10: Content Curation (extra bit)

As part of Thing 10: Content Curation, the ‘try this’ activity was to reblog a post from a fellow participant.  I chose reflectedd’s blog post about Google Drive.

The Thing10 module reminded me of another Google tool I recently discovered called ‘What do you love?‘ This featured in Sauers & Burns (2014) book: Google search secrets.


I hadn’t heard of it before and it’s a bit like Scoop.it – you enter a topic into the search box and it returns results from multiple Google platforms: News, Blogs, Books, Groups etc.  Here’s a search I did using ‘Auckland’ as the topic:

wdyl2I tried another search using ‘Kaupapa Māori’ though it returned mostly Kura Kaupapa within the results.  With a slight tweak to my keywords, I retried using ‘Māori methodology’ and retrieved a slightly better set of results:



It seems to work quite well with more general topics such as libraries, or New Zealand.  Have you tried WDYL?


Sauers, M. P., & Burns, C. (2014). Google search secrets. Chicago: ALA Neal-Schuman.


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