#23research – Thing 6: Twitter

Twitter is one of my favourite social media tools to use and so glad to see it appear as Thing 6.  I first created my account in 2009 and like many, I didn’t do a lot with it.  I couldn’t quite grasp how it worked or what I should do with it.  The turning point for me was in 2012 when Twitter became a compulsory part of my learning and I was required to tweet (and blog) to fulfil the assessment requirements for a Masters paper.  Within a few months I had successfully tweeted as much as I had in the 3 years prior!

I use Twitter as part of my online personal learning network – connecting with other librarians around New Zealand and the world to share and glean information. Usually my tweets are library focused, but not always:

Tweets from #ndfregions (Auckland barcamp run under National Digital Forum)


Tweets from #TeReo – Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori


I keep an eye on the #23research feed and look regularly for the other #23research participants who have joined.  Looking forward to tweeting with you over coming weeks!


Share a thought or pātai mai :)

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