#23research – Things 3 & 4: Blogs, blogs and more blogs

bloggingThing 3 calls for participants to create a blog, while the focus of Thing 4 is to explore blogs.

As it’s allowed, I think I’m going to bypass Thing 3 and use my current blog for this offering of #23research rather than create a new one.  Why? Convenience mostly – it already exists and I’m familiar with the features.

For my first #23research post (ok it’s my third but who’s counting?) I have the choice of introducing myself and sharing what interests me about this programme, or sharing a bit about my experiences with social media.

You can find out more about me here, so I’ll share a little about my experiences with social media: blogging, tweeting and facebooking.


I’ve used blogs for a number of years, mostly for work and study.  This blog was originally part of my MIS studies when I enrolled in a WISE course through Victoria University.  It’s been updated since and turned into more of a personal blog where I can share whatever I want with the world.  The work blogs I’ve contributed to included creating posts to promote Te Reo Māori, and all things library related.


I’m a huge fan of Twitter and use it most days – sometimes tweeting, sometimes lurking. It’s a huge part of my personal learning network (PLN) where I use it to connect to things or people of interest – almost always library related.  It’s a wonderful tool to use to find out what is happening in other parts of the world, particularly international library conferences.  More often than not, there is facility to add your Twitter handle to conference registrations.  If you’re interested in following me on Twitter, you can find me here: @libr4ry_girl


I use Facebook primarily to connect and keep in touch with whānau and friends.

What do social media tools do you use?


3 thoughts on “#23research – Things 3 & 4: Blogs, blogs and more blogs

  1. I use the above for almost the reasons and i use instagram too. Its a great place to see what’s going around the world and keep up with trends too. Its also effective for content and social media marketing

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