#365Things Day 7 – Getting in the right zone

So today’s exciting adventures began with an early finish from work to view another rental property within the Epsom Girls Grammar School zone. I’m starting to get used to the process here which is quite different to Palmerston North and Whanganui. Most of the properties we’ve looked at require you to register a viewing time online. The time you’re given is 10 mins. The challenge can be navigating a house with half a dozen other families in such a short time frame as the time isn’t reserved just for you. The agent is usually bombarded with questions and you have to wait your turn (at least that is the polite thing to do). We looked in Remuera last month, and one of the places we looked at today was in Epsom via Newmarket:

day 7 7

Afterwards, we caught the Newmarket train to Britomart, then the bus to GI.

day 7 5a

Inside Britomart:

day 7 4

Outside Britomart – daughter is holding a designer icecream from Milse

day 7 2

Daughter and Tāne investigating Britomart’s underground from the top.  Milse is behind them:

day 7 5

Even though Auckland is huge, public transport works well for us. Getting to places like Onehunga Dress Smart, St Lukes and Sylvia Park is incredibly easy from the Eastern suburbs. Newmarket has Two-Double-Seven Westfield so there is no shortage of shopping places (you gotta love that).

Atrium in the foodcourt at Two Double Seven:

day 7 6

Long story short – we submitted another 2 rental applications today and have 2 more viewings booked for Saturday. Fingers crossed 🙂


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