#365Things Day 2 – 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

While we’re waiting for the weather to cool down so we can go for our walk, I stumbled upon the 52-Week Save Money Challenge.  The idea here is to save a dollar value each week that matches the week of the year.  For example, in Week 1, it suggests you save $1.  In Week 30, the suggested savings is $30. By the end of the year, Week 52, you should have saved $1,378.00. There are a few variations to the challenge too including a reverse 52-Week where you save the greater amount first, for example, popping aside $52 in Week 1, $51 in Week 2 etc.

At the start of each year I have the best intentions to save throughout, but usually get sidetracked (or procrastinate) and it doesn’t quite go as planned. So I’ve decided to give it a try and have gone with the random week approach.  Basically I will choose the value to save each week based upon what spare personal spending money I have.  I had $9.00 cash on hand so I’ve begun with Week 9.


Day 2 52-Week Money Saving Challenge

Day 2 Savings Challenge

If you decide to give this a go, what approach will you use?


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