#365Things Day 1 – Starting Together

It’s been awhile since I last blogged and I’m feeling inspired to rediscover it again in 2015.  Thinking about what I want to say seems to be the most challenging part.  On Twitter, I read @KiwiLibrarian 364 pieces of art blog and @alidevnz #365PictureBooks blog this morning – fabulous idea’s that got me thinking I would like to do 365 of something.  But what?

My tāne suggested food – I’m a huge fan of Annabel Langbein and was given her latest recipe book for Christmas to add to my ever-growing collection.  The thought of making 365 dishes is very very appealing though realistically I wonder whether the budget can afford it? Perhaps better suited as a longer term goal or at least until after we have moved.

Having been in Auckland for 3 months now I find I’m getting better at navigating around and finding out more about the city.  365 sights of Auckland could be on the list?  Now that my daughter is here, we could try 365 things for kids and the whānau to do? Maybe 365 cafes? I’m a librarian, maybe 365 books? Meet 365 new people? Arrgghhhh….

Then it hit me.  With absolutely no idea on what one thing to focus on, why not leave it open to anything?  I’ll most likely use photos to capture the things I see, do or feel.  The beginning of #365Things.  With a slightly late start, here is the first photo to capture my ‘feels’ for the start of 2015…

Day 1 Me and Tāne


9 thoughts on “#365Things Day 1 – Starting Together

  1. This sounds wonderful – I only hope I can keep this up for 365 days – it’s a big commitment and I tend to fall off the blogging wagon when I get too busy! I will follow your posts with interest 🙂

  2. Aww I love it Trace! Now u got me thinking what should I do for 365 days mind u it will probably be more like 363 because I haven’t done much so far lol.

    • Thanks 🙂 You’re at the same point I was at this morning after reading the blogs. Stuck in my mind until I decided on 365Things. I like the thought of keeping things open, no restrictions. Let me know what you decide on.

  3. Tracy I was thinking about doing a 100 happy days with photos of what made me happy for the day but I like your idea better do you mind of I bite and do the same thing on my blog? I think it will be fun to keep up see what things you post.

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