18/30 – Reflecting on two new librarians #blogjune post

I managed to catch up on reading some wonderful #blogjune posts last night and one that caught my eye was from Two New Librarians about Using Conferences for PD.  They provided a list of main points from NLS6 that resonated with them, and may be useful for new librarians; a checklist if you like.  Here are their main points:

  • Get a mentor
  • Look the part
  • Participate in professional associations
  • Be open to opportunities
  • Network
  • Listen and learn – especially from mistakes
  • Don’t burn your bridges
  • Shamelessly steal ideas
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Be willing to take on new challenges
  • Try new technologies
  • Read widely
  • Share your knowledge
  • No creative effort is a waste – others will take notice and it may lead to other opportunities

The more I thought about it, the more I think these checkpoints would serve you well both professionally and personally.  I’ve never been involved in a mentoring programme of any sort before this year and now I am fortunate to have both a workplace mentor and a study mentor (for te reo Māori) – both are awesome guides in their respective areas; knowledgeable, skilled, supportive and encouraging, and funnily enough, the remaining checklist items seem to fall into place because of that.  With perhaps the exception of reading widely – something to work on.

Do you have a mentor for professional or personal development?


Share a thought or pātai mai :)

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