9/30 – Getting back on track

Having just posted yesterday’s #blogjune post, it feels like I’m slowly getting back on track again.  Tonight feels like it has been productive – house is fairly organised, am about to make tomorrow’s lunchboxes, and my base recount is done.  The latter is designed to help me with my exam this Saturday, and I have written about a trip I took to Whakatāne with work colleagues for Hui-ā-Tau.  It makes sense to go prepared with something that you can adjust in a time-sensitive situation.  Three hours ‘might’ seem a long time, though I’m not entirely confident it will be.

The plan for tomorrow night is to prep a 20 sentence minimum conversation between 2 people (again, likely to be included in this year’s exam) and take a refresher on tenses (i, kua, kei te, ka).  Some of my classmates and I are meeting this Thursday for shared kai and an afternoon of study.  Being able to bounce ideas around, and practice listening and speaking te reo Māori makes a huge difference to learning (well, mine at least).

What works for you when it comes to learning a new language?








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