PD opps for tertiary librarians

In a project I’m presently working on, one of the tasks allocated to me was to discover what professional development opportunities are available to tertiary librarians located in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Below is a list I’ve compiled for teaching librarians.  Where possible, I have tried to source opportunities that are open access (free).  If you have any suggestions or activities to add, please let me know:


MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provide a platform to access free course or training materials on topics of a personal and/or professional interest.

  • EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning – Teaching and learning MOOCs available as webinars and recordings via AdobeConnect.  Focus is on wider higher education institute, though concepts can also be applied to higher education library environment.
  • Open2Study – Collaborative MOOC with material sourced from higher education institutes worldwide, including Massey University, NZ.  Topics may be useful for enhancing Subject Librarians area of expertise, or to increase knowledge in a particular topic area.



Links to virtual conferences and webinars and/or their earlier recorded sessions.  The focus is libraries, education, teaching and learning:


Links to New Zealand conferences focused on libraries, education, teaching and/or learning:

Links to Global conferences focused on libraries, education, teaching and/or learning:


Research papers from Victoria University of Wellington library students (new students and graduates) can provide an insight into current library trends and topics relevant to Aotearoa New Zealand:


The following are training courses and programmes that may be suited to tertiary librarians.  (A charge may apply for these development opportunities):


Social Networking – list pending 🙂




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