My waiata cup runneth over …

Waiata is a big part of Te Ao Māori.  We sing waiata at the start and end of each Te Reo Whakahoahoa lesson and once a week we are offered the opportunity to attend either te reo Māori or waiata sessions in the workplace. Today it was waiata and below are links to some of those we sing in class, and some that I learn within the workplace.

Ngā Iwi e is a waiata we sing twice a week in class and is one of my favourites.  The video below is of my lecturer, Hōhepa (this isn’t my class though) in the Runanga.  Very little has changed since.

E Karanga e te iwi e is a waiata I’ve learned through the workplace, though instead of ‘Tūmatauenga’, we replace with ‘Kaimahi’ – the tune is the same. Again, once of my favourites.

Tai Aroha is a new waiata for me and the tune is really familiar, though I can’t place it?

Me he manu rere is another waiata we are learning in the workplace.

and the last one for now: He Karere Tēnei…



2 thoughts on “My waiata cup runneth over …

  1. This is so cool Trace! last night I was thinking about doing a waiata workshop at conf and what do you know I get an email and see this post in my inbox what a coincidence!! waiata māori are such a taonga aye? definitely one I hope stays around for years and years to come, hence the importance of teaching and learning waiata. Kia kaha i tō akonga o Te Reo Whakahoahoa, pai tō mahi e hoa!

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