Praise, design, barriers and the glass escalator

Over the summer break I had a fantastic conversation with a stranger on a bus; a Uni student on her way back to Wellington.  We talked about many things: her studies, my work, our friends and family, overseas trips we’d taken etc.  She shared that once her studies were completed, she would need to establish herself in her chosen career path and had already begun to develop a portfolio of work while she studied.

This reminded me of a kōrero I had with a work colleague prior to Christmas.  We talked about new library professionals, specifically MIS graduates from Victoria University of Wellington and the INFO580 research paper required as part of the degree. Within this programme, students commit to investigating new research on a topic of interest, usually very dear to their hearts if it is to sustain them over a double semester. The end result, in my opinion, provides the library profession with a valuable contribution; a database of freely available research by new library professionals via the Victoria University of Wellington Research Archives.

The research is as varied as you can imagine, and though I’ve only read a handful of them so far, it’s on my ‘to-do-list’ to check back regularly.  I know firsthand how much effort has gone into these projects! Here are links to some that I’ve found interesting and perhaps you will too:

Adrian Jenkins – The Value of Verbal Praise and Recognition Amongst New Zealand Library Staff

Jessica Howie – An Examination of Home Page Design in New Zealand Tertiary Libraries

Troy Tuhou – Barriers to Māori Usage of University Libraries: An Exploratory Study in Aotearoa New Zealand

I’m currently reading The Glass Escalator: Male Career Paths in NZ Libraries by Steven Harley.


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