Tuitui: Te Reo Māori Lesson #1

Almost a week ago I had my first te Reo Māori lesson online.  It was another one of those Twitter moments you least expect and was courtesy of @temihinga who I started following earlier this year:


Te Mihinga’s tweet took me by surprise. I still struggle with sentence structure (which I hope to improve in 2014), so I picked out the kupu Māori I didn’t know and proceeded to find out what they meant: wāhitau and rangitaki.

What I really like about Te Mihinga’s tweet is the style used.  Did you notice the hashtags?

#blog #rangitaki #wāhitau #IPaddress

These were clues.  Actually, they were the only clues I needed to understand what was being said. (Had I paid proper attention to the full context of the tweet in the first place – aroha mai – I would have known this).

Te Mihinga’s pātai tweet to me was:

What is the name or URL of your blog?

From this short but meaningful interaction with Te Mihinga, I learned:

  • Reo lessons can present when you least expect
  • If someone takes the time to kōrero Māori with you, pay attention 🙂
  • If you don’t understand what is being said, it’s OK to say so

I’ve added in a Kupu Māori page to keep track of kupu I learn over the coming 12 months and look forward to seeing this grow.


Share a thought or pātai mai :)

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