Something New This Way Comes … Again

It’s amazing the things that happen when you least expect it.

At various times since I began my post-graduate studies, I registered to receive updates from 5 New Zealand library-related listservs: NZ-Libs, NZ-Libs Jobs, TELSIG, IST-Students and Te Rōpū Whakahau General.  Each has a place within my Personal Learning Environment (PLE), providing me with the nourishment I need for the different facets of my ‘library-self’.

In defining my goals, ‘writing’ is another that I have for 2014.  I would like to improve my skill in this area particularly with research-based writing and writing for the web.  This is my ‘library-self’ talking.  On a less formal level, I have already begun my writing practice by blogging and this is something I plan to continue with on a regular basis.

Recently, two library-related writing opportunities presented via listserv.  The briefs were clear and straight forward and, most of all, incredibly appealing and exciting!  These would certainly extend my writing skills within the research and web environments, giving me the room I need to grow in this area.  Both also offer me the opportunity to give something back to the library profession.  Yes, another goal I have for 2014.

So now what?

Well I’ve registered interest with my workplace to formally apply and I still have a little bit of research to do for one of the opportunities (my ‘librarian-self’ is covering all bases!).  My excitement level is at an all-time high and I will keep you posted 🙂


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