#Shine Bright Like A Diamond

After 3 years of study I have finally completed the requirements for the Master of Information Studies degree through Victoria University of Wellington.

A week or so ago I received notice to apply for graduation in 2014.  You are offered the choice to graduate in person at the Wellington ceremony in May or December, or to have your qualification granted in absentia. Another random (or perhaps well-timed?) kōrero with someone* recently meant the ‘in absentia’ option was off the table.  The options now were to attend either the May graduation or December graduation.

Part of the kōrero I had was about inviting my champions to celebrate with me; those special people who helped me along the way, supported me in my journey and cared deeply for me.   Mama-sun, baby girl and Tāne.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure they would even want to come.  I’m fairly certain Mama-sun thinks I read books all day at work, but baby girl is a student librarian at her school and Tāne works in a library; both have a good idea about what I do, and why my studies were important.  Anyways, my ‘someone’ gave me the push I needed and I invited each to join me.  Probably in May.  December is too far away, and I’m really impatient.  You know what?  All three said yes without hesitation.  How cool is that?

The only glitch is the next Hui-ā-Tau clashes with the May graduation and I simply cannot be in two places, at opposite ends of the North Island, at the same time. Why a glitch? I consider Hui-ā-Tau to be a key resource in developing my ‘cultural-self’.  In 2014 it just happens to be on graduation day.  Baby-girl suggested I clone myself, though realistically I don’t think I can do this within the next 5 months.  Nice whakaaro though.  The clash also impacts Tāne.  He would miss out on at least a day of developing his ‘cultural-self’ too.  Ultimately, I guess that choice is his to make.  Perhaps I am over thinking things and they will unfold as they are meant too.  I like that whakaaro.

To all of the wonderful MIS students who are graduating next week – #ShineBrightLikeADiamond – share your extraordinary achievements with your champions and enjoy your moment to shine.

*at some point I will come up with a suitable name for you within my blog.  I know you know who you are and I love that you have come into my life.  You are an amazing person. Thank you for helping me find my passion xx.


❤ While writing this my Twitter stream informs me of the passing of Nelson Mandela – Moe mai rā e te rangatira – #ShineBrightLikeADiamond


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