#Kupu Māori

One of my professional and personal goals for 2014 is to learn te reo Māori. To extend myself past the introductory ‘kia ora’ and ‘mōrena’. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I simply want more.

I’ve been told the best way to learn is to teach. As part of Ngā Manu Ka Rere I am given that opportunity within a number of mediums at work. To supplement (or enhance?) this, I’ve enrolled in a te reo Māori paper, starting in February 2014. My intention is to write about my learning experiences here as I go along.

Recently on Twitter, in what seemed a random conversation, my PLN disclosed something exciting: about half a dozen of them are intending to learn te reo Māori too. We talked about practising our reo in Twitter, Skype and Google hangouts. It would seem I’m not alone in wanting to learn and I may very well get further opportunities to teach, as will those in my PLN.

A couple of months ago I was asked what my favourite kupu Māori was. I had never thought about this before and actually couldn’t give an answer. When I find it, I’ll let you know.

What’s your fave Kupu Māori?Scrabble in te reo Māori


2 thoughts on “#Kupu Māori

  1. I’ve never thought about a favourite kupu Māori before either – I think today I’d have to say piwakawaka but probably something different tomorrow…

    I’ve been wanting to learn more reo too. I don’t learn well by rote, I need context, so at the moment I’m borrowing picture books from the public library – just finished Te Mōkai a Hemi – and hoping to work my way up (with help from Te Aka!). I need to make myself practice more on Twitter too though. Like Ranganathan’s 5 Laws: language is for use!

    • Kia ora Deborah,

      Thanks for sharing your favourite kupu Māori – very cool! I love the approach you’ve taken towards self directed learning for te reo Māori. I hadn’t considered picture books (fab idea) and see we have a copy of Te Mōkai a Hemi in our collection which I will look at tomorrow. My plan over the summer break is to locate and post links to useful resources 🙂

      I think Twitter is a great tool to practice with. How about #favekupumaori as a hashtag when we feel so inclined?

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