#23research – Thing 2: Online security

Thing 2: Online security made me reflect on the levels of security I currently use for my online presence.  In a very informal, non-scientific ‘survey’ of password strength, I asked some folks the following: Do you know what 2-step verification is? The majority answered yes and were able to describe how the 2 step verification…

23Things for Research

#23research – Thing 1: About 23 Things

Today marks the beginning of 23 Things for Research, a new programme offering from the lovely folk at the Faculty of Education’s CreATE team at the University of Auckland: 23 Things for Research is a self-directed course that aims to expose you to a range of digital tools that could help you in your personal…


#365Things – 15 Auckland

I’ve decided to redesign my #365Things daily post and remove the ‘daily’ part – takes the pressure off just a little bit :) For your viewing pleasure, some of my photos of Auckland from this weekend gone … any guesses where?